It took a long time, but since 2019 our wolf pack has been complete and offers you high quality Streetwear Fashion Made in Germany. We the team from Thigo fashion , has set itself the task of high quality dress to offer at a fair price. We are always working on bringing new and modern streetwear with cool designs for you to the market. With all our strength and will, we want to offer you the best streetwear you deserve. Buying designer or luxury clothes is often very expensive, so discover Thigo Fashion, with us you will find the best quality at the best price.


We only use the best materials for ours dress so that we can guarantee you the best quality. With our modern and simple cuts, our Streetwear the best and most comfortable wearing comfort that you can imagine. Regardless of whether it is material or design, we also give everything to our printing to offer you the best quality. We only use the highest quality printing methods for our clothes so that you can enjoy them for a long time.


The year 2018 was when the idea was to bring our own fashion brand onto the market, which is different from many, we wanted to create a brand that was particularly high quality dress but doesn't produce the whole thing for hundreds of euros, but at a really fair price that everyone can afford. At the beginning, without really knowing what was going to happen in such a project, you sat down straight away and racked your brain about what you want to do and create. You quickly realized that it was not as easy as you imagined. So you thought for a long time, which name should it be and what kind of logo but above all what kind of products we want to offer and how do we get it to be as we imagined it to be. Then it was quiet for a long time until the beginning of 2019 and the time was spent acquiring knowledge and information in order to realize the whole project. One quickly found a name that was appealing and meaningful, it was the name Thigo . After finding a name, we went to work and figured out what kind of logo do we want? We wanted a logo that exudes power and strength, but also one that is recognizable. After a lot of thought, the Thigo was born Wolf. The wolf exudes strength, willpower, character and empathy and only works in a pack, that was exactly what we wanted. After a long time passed and you now had what you wanted, you started to care about what defines us, namely our high quality Dress. Before each of our products is like it is now, many sleepless nights passed and one or the other nerve was lost. But we always believed in our goal and in our plan and so, like the wolf, you always had the strength and willpower to continue. It was now summer 2019 and everyone was more motivated than ever before. Our products had everything we wanted and were exactly as we wanted them to be. The rest of the affairs were taken care of, which weren't always easy, but we always enjoyed it because we finally wanted to bring the Thigo Fashion brand onto the market. So you put everything you had together again and made everything perfect for the start. Then came the day when everything was ready and a start date was set for the shop release. It was October 5th, 2019. After almost two years of planning and many sleepless nights, you had achieved what you dreamed of and what you set out to do. Since then we have been offering you high quality Streetwear and fashion, which makes us really proud.


We put a lot of heart and soul into our way of working and ours Products and we make sure that everything fits from production to delivery and that we can deliver you the best quality. Our products offer the highest quality and are produced and shipped in Germany. We guarantee fast delivery and the highest quality, that's why we start the shipping process right after your order so that you can get your dress from Thigo Fashion quickly. First we go to the warehouse and look for the items you have ordered, then they go through another quality check so that you get flawless clothing. As soon as we have checked this, the shipping process begins. Your ordered items will be carefully packed by our team so that nothing is broken or damaged. In addition, you will receive a little thank you from us and a little extra. When everything is ready in one, we pack your order and pass it on to the shipping company immediately so that you can get yours as soon as possible Streetwear get. Should you ever have a question about your product or should something not fit, we are always there for you.